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The 10 Best Kitchen Sinks
In Single Bowl and Double Bowl Design

The kitchen sink is one of those things that you use all the time yet probably never think much about. That is, until you find yourself in a situation where you need to buy one. Then you’re going to be thinking about them quite a lot!

That’s exactly how it was with me a few months ago, when I set out to find the best kitchen sink for my first real home. I thought it was going to be easy, but it turns out buying a sink is about way more than just checking the measurements. I didn’t want my family to be stuck with a bad sink in our new home, so I did more research than I’ve ever done in my life so that I could learn everything I needed to know.

I figured that there must be other people like me doing the same thing, so I gathered the fruits of my research into this site. You can find my personal reviews for the top ten best kitchen sinks that I found, to help you find the right match for you and your home. I’ve also put together some other pages to answer more questions I researched; I hope that you can find it all helpful.

Best Undermount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Kraus KBU14 31 1/2 inch


An undermount sink brings a whole new level of sophistication to your kitchen because it literally mounts under the countertop so you never see the rim of the sink. This stainless steel single bowl sink is designed to look good in any setting, with rounded edges and other features that will make washing dishes practically enjoyable.

Special Installation for Seamless Countertops

This type of sink uses a completely different type of installation process compared to a traditional drop-in sink; it involves using silicon or another type of epoxy to attach the sink onto the bottom of the countertop. Once the seal is completely set, this beautiful stainless steel sink is going to sit comfortably under the counter without any of the rim visible, giving your kitchen a modern look that makes the sink and countertop seem like one seamless unit. This model is built to make the installation process quick and painless, with a wide lip to help you work with whatever size cabinet and counter you have.

Easy to Clean Interior

The wonderful features of this sink don’t stop with the undermount elements, as it also has rounded corners on the interior of the bowl so you won’t have food getting stuck on the edges. Since it’s made with 16-gauge steel, which is incredibly durable – you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched and dented, which can cause bacteria or food stains to build up in the exposed areas. Once you’re done washing your dishes, you can take a cleaning bush and give the sink a nice scrub to quickly wash away any leftover mess without having to scrub it with one of those harmful steel wool pads.

Best 60/40 Double Bowl in Stainless Steel

Kraus KBU24 32 inch


When you want more room to organize and sort your dishes, a double bowl kitchen sink is definitely the way to go. I love this model because it features two different-sized bowls to give you more choices for how you handle dishes or anything else you need to wash in your sink.

Versatile Bowl Sizes

This double bowl kitchen sink has a 60/40 design, which means that the left basin is slightly larger than the one on the right. You can use this difference to help keep the dirty dishes separate from the clean dishes while you wash them, moving them between each bowl as you go. Alternately, you could put your larger pots and pans in the bigger bowl and your dishes and glasses in the smaller one so that you don’t end up with the small items trapped under the bigger ones when the sink starts to fill up. It’s all really up to you, since the size difference just opens up lots of usage options.

Multiple Mounting Options

Even though this sink has a slightly odd shape, it still comes with a huge variety of mounting options. The front of the sink is a single straight edge, so it can sit flush against the front of your counter or recessed a bit if you have the space for it. The left basin goes back a few inches more than the right, but it has an ample lip around the entire perimeter. Since it’s also an undermount sink, the lip size allows you to mount it with a positive or negative reveal, depending on your preference. No matter how you look at it, this sink is all about giving you more choices so that you can enjoy using it exactly how you want.

Best Top Mount 36-Inch Cabinet Sink

KOHLER K-3942-4-NA Vault Single Bowl


Whether it’s because of the material you have in your countertops or your own personal preference, sometimes a top mount sink is the way to go. I really like that this sink has a clean look to it, so it’s going to fit right in to pretty much any kitchen design. It’s also made with strong, dependable materials and has one of the lowest profiles I’ve ever seen on a top mount sink.

Easy Drop-in Mounting

This sink uses the traditional method for mounting, which involves placing it on top of the hole cut into your countertop so it rests above the cabinet. Kohler uses an smart take on this classic installation method, which involves the use of side braces to hold the sink firmly in place without putting too much of the strain onto the counter. It’s also made to sit very close to the countertop, minimizing those irritating ridges that can catch food.

Apron-Front Design

Most drop-in sinks have to sit further back into the counter in order to fit in, which can make it more troublesome to deal with certain cabinet styles. Instead, this model uses a self-trimming apron that covers the front of the counter and the front of the cabinet. All you need to do is remove the false-drawer panel from the cabinet, if you have one, and the apron will slide over the front of the cabinet to give you a cohesive and contemporary look.

Best Granite Kitchen Sink

Kraus KGD-433B 33 1/2 inch Dual Mount


A granite sink might seem like an odd choice, but this slightly less traditional sink design really impresses. It’s made to look classy and stylish without sacrificing any of the function that you would expect from a good kitchen sink.

Sleek, Stylish Appearance

Most people expect to see either a stainless steel or white porcelain sink in a kitchen, so this dark granite really makes it a statement piece. As an added bonus, the dark color also makes it less likely to get stained or show the discoloration that other types of sinks might experience over time. It’s also a split basin sink, so you get the extra functionality of choosing how you use each side every time.

Hygienic and Heat Resistant

Thanks to the use of natural granite, this sink is non-porous and won’t soak up stains from liquids like coffee, pasta sauce, or red wine. This also helps to reduce the buildup of germs and bacteria – important for keeping your dishes cleaner while you wash. The stone components also have a special heat-resistance treatment, which means that hot water or hot pans won’t burn or damage the sink and cause it to become discolored or damaged.

Best Single Bowl Stainless Steel, Extra Deep

Kraus KHU100-30 30 inch


When you’ve got a big family like I do, your sink gets real full, real fast. That’s why I was so amazed at the extra deep basin of this kitchen sink from Kraus. They created a sink that can hold those pesky tall pots along with the dishes from the meal without overflowing, so you can actually wash them all without having to put your dirty dishes onto the countertop.

More Room for Large Pots and Dishes

This sink has a basin that is 10 inches deep, which I almost couldn’t believe when I first came across it. When you combine that with the fact that it’s got a length of 30 inches and a width of 18 inches, this sink is definitely big enough to handle the dishes from even the busiest family dinner. This is a single bowl sink, so there aren’t any dividers splitting it into sections and cutting down the amount of space you can actually use. With this sink, you’ll be able to use the entire basin, so you won’t have to deal with one large pot or serving platter completely monopolizing all the space.

Satin Finish for Extra Protection

Since this sink is so big, there’s a good chance it’s going to be filled with a lot of dishes pretty often. That’s why Kraus also uses a special satin finishing process to help protect the interior from damage. I know that when my old sink would get full, silverware would always end up scratching the inside and food would get stuck under a plate to cause all kinds of problems. The satin finish in this sink means that you won’t need to worry about little scratches or food buildup, and once it’s all cleared out you can simply wipe the sink down with a cloth to get it nice and clean.

Most Luxorious Kitchen Sink

Zuhne 33 Inch Farmhouse Apron Deep Single Bowl


I’ve always believed that the kitchen is the heart of any home, and that you should feel comfortable using every part of it. If you want to feel amazing when you stand at your kitchen sink, then this luxury model from Zuhne is definitely going to make you happy. From the overall look to the tiny details, it’s got pretty much everything you could ever want in a kitchen sink, and then some.

High Attention to Detail

There are many little things about this sink that make it stand out from almost every other model I’ve seen. From the premium satin finish they use on the interior to prevent scratches and provide a soft and comforting look, to the combination of nontoxic coating and rubber cushioning to dampen sound, this is the sink to get if you really want to have a true luxury kitchen. It’s also available with up to a whopping 36-inch width to really take advantage of big kitchens with lots of space. Every model also comes with a Farmhouse Apron design for a timeless look that will match with any kitchen style.

Optimized for Home Use

The “luxury” part of this sink isn’t just about its size or its look, because it’s also built to work better in your kitchen. I was delighted to learn that the drain is set in the rear of the sink instead of the center, which means you won’t have to worry about setting a plate or cutting board on top of it and accidentally stopping it from draining. The basin also has a slight slope leading to the drain, to stop liquid from pooling up when you’re not running water into it. This also means that you won’t have the pipes taking up as much space under the sink, so you get more kitchen storage.

Best 50/50 Double Bowl Undermount Sink

Kraus KBU22 32 inch


Sometimes you need more space and division in your kitchen sink, but you don’t have all the extra space to work with different dimensions and sizes. This traditional 50/50 double bowl kitchen sink really earns top marks for combining a lot of amazing features into an attractive and functional option ideal for anyone who wants to get the most out of their sink.

Traditional Style and Function

The layout of this sink reminds me of the sink we had in our house growing up, with two rounded basins that are each exactly the same size. Since it’s made out of premium high-gauge stainless steel, it’s going to perform a lot better than those old-style sinks. I like that this sink doesn’t have a lot of harsh angles, like some of those sinks with more modern designs that are actually much harder to clean. The 50/50 split basin gives you more options on how you use it, and since they are the same size you won’t be limited by the layout of your kitchen.

Scratch and Stain Resistant

The high grade steel used in this sink is made to help you keep it looking like new for a long time. It’s resistant to scratches and stains, which is wonderful because nothing is worse than having a sink that always looks like it’s dirty. In fact, the whole surface of the sink (both inside and on the bottom) has a special coating that helps it fight corrosion. The interior resists rust and oxidation damage, while the under area is made to minimize condensation, which can cause harm to the sink or even the inside of the cabinet.

Best Drop-In for the Money

Swanstone KSDB-3322 Series


Kitchen sinks can get pretty pricey, even if you’re not looking for a model with a lot of fancy features or extras. That’s why I was so surprised to find this sink, because it includes a lot of great features without pushing the price tag through the roof. It’s easily the best budget-friendly sink I’ve seen, and also one of the most well-balanced models on the market.

Made of Durable Stone

One of the reasons so many kitchen sinks can get so expensive is because of the materials used in their construction. Stainless steel is a popular choice because it’s strong and easy to clean, but it can increase the price quite a bit. These sinks are made out of a stone composite, which is cheaper than steel or actual solid stones, but still very resilient. This sink is made to resist scratches and stains, unlike the old-style white porcelain sinks. It’s also heat resistant, so you can pour boiling water into it, like when draining a pot of pasta, without worrying about any warping or cracking.

Lots of Design Freedom

Unlike other budget-level sinks, which are pretty small and come in limited sizes, this sink comes in a double bowl style to give you more options on how you use it. It’s also got a single faucet hole that’s positioned for optimal use and range of access to both basins. You can also get this sink in a wide variety of colors, which you simply can’t do when shopping with stainless steel options. It gives you more freedom to find the sink that really resonates with your kitchen décor and overall aesthetics, which makes it truly worth its weight in gold. And when it comes to mounting, you can even choose between an undermount or self-rimming setup.

Quietest Sound-Dampening Kitchen Sink

Ruvati RVH7400 32-Inch Single Bowl


I’ll be honest with you: sometimes I hate washing dishes because the sound of the water hitting the sink is just so loud. I can’t talk to my family while I’m at the sink because I just can’t hear what they’re saying. This sink is specifically designed to solve that issue because it uses a series of special processes and procedures to reduce sound better than any other stainless steel sink out there.

Heavy Duty Sound Guarding

The sound reduction of this sink starts with the special coating that is sprayed all around the bottom and outside of the sink. This compound helps to dampen the sound of water or any other material hitting the inside of the sink thanks to the extra thickness and overall makeup of the heavy duty coating. On top of that, there’s also special pads placed strategically around the outside of the sink to reduce the sound even more. These pads are made of a special rubber that absorbs the sounds without adding any extra weight to the sink or making it too bulky to fit in the cabinet.

Reduces Damage, Inside and Out

An amazing byproduct of the sound-absorption process is that the sink is also great at fighting off rust and corrosion. This is because the coating also insulates the sink to stop hot temperatures from creating condensation, which can secretly start wearing away at the sink by causing rust to form. It’s also scratch and dent resistant to help keep rust from forming on the interior. Another interesting feature is the drain position, which allows you to line up your faucet to reduce splashing and minimize water build up that can lead to corrosion all around the sink.

Best Bar and Prep Undermount Sink

Houzer CS-1307-1 Club Series


Large kitchens, or kitchens with a built-in bar area, can put a huge demand on your sink. That’s why a prep sink like this can really come in handy. This is definitely the best bar and prep sink I’ve seen, packing in a lot of useful features into a nice and compact size. It’s built to be unobtrusive while still allowing you to get so much more done in your kitchen.

Small Size, Big Use

This is definitely a small sink, with the overall size of around 10 inches by 12 inches and just under a 6-inch depth. While that’s probably too small for it to be the main sink in a standard kitchen, it’s definitely the perfect size for a second sink in your kitchen to help handle the extra load that can come from cooking big meals for a big family. If you have a center island where you can install the necessary plumbing, you could use this sink to turn that island into the ultimate prep station. You’d have easy access to a sink for cleaning vegetables and filling pots, all while being right next to your stove and other appliances.

Built for Maximum Use

Houzer really put some serious thought into making this sink, because it’s built to be a mighty little workhorse. The SpecPlus edges are rounded to make cleanup a breeze while also reinforcing the overall holding power of the sink. It also comes with a special marble powder coating on the bottom exterior of the sink, which helps to reduce the noise made by water hitting the inside of the sink. It’s definitely the best sink to use when you’re expanding your kitchen to include an additional prep area or a bar.

Thank You and Happy Shopping

It is my sincerest wish that this information helps you choose your next kitchen sink. I know how hard it is to find the right item for your home, especially when there are so many options with different features and at different price ranges. If you still have more questions or need more information, don’t forget to check out the in-depth buying guides I put together on the other pages of this site. If my work can make things easier for you to find the best kitchen sink, then I’m happy.